Bio: There are a couple of reasons why I am doing this blog. I live in NYC and it is truly the city that never sleeps. I always find myself on the go. Someone very special and close to me told me that I could inspire others. I was told to chronicle my struggles with being a foodie and loving fitness. I have always loved food and will eat ice cream and cookies at midnight and get back in the bed. I would justify this by saying that I am going to the gym in a few hours and I would work it off. I was only fooling myself. I also love working out. I just always thought that I would eat what I wanted as long as I was going to the gym. I have recently trained myself that is true, as long as I do it in moderation. I want busy New Yorkers to know that they need to make time for fitness the same way they make time for everything else.

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  1. Gwon suggested I take a look…from a foodie to a foodie… I totally understand the concept of working out to eat. New York living makes it an essential life choice… I’m inspired to revive my blogs. Nice blog!


    • Thanks for the comments. It has taken me some time to get it going, but I plan to continue. It has inspired me to eat better and increase my working out. Thanks for following. Much, much more to come.


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