The Single Best Cardio Machine Ever

The Single Best Cardio Machine Ever

If you ever walked into your gym and scanned the rows of exercise machines and wondered, “Which one of these bad boys is the best bang for my buck?,” we’ve got some news for you: there’s an answer. The rowing machine is the single most effective cardio machine in any gym. You can burn up to 50 percent more fat on rowers than on stationary bikes. It’s simple math. Rowers work the entire body, and the more muscles you use, the more calories you burn.

But that doesn’t mean you should use rowers exclusively. A better plan is to divide your time among multiple machines.

Next time you’re in the gym, spend 10 minutes each on the treadmill, the Airdyne cycle (the one with handles that pump back and forth), the stair climber, and the rower. You’ll work more muscles from more angles and send your metabolism into overdrive. You’ll also be less likely to crap out after 20 minutes.Proteus-Par5500-Rowing-Machine.jpg


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