Advice For Men Over 40

Advice For Men Over 40


  1. Do shorter workouts more frequently. Forty-five (hard) minutes, six days a week is more tolerable than 80 (hard) minutes three days a week. A good rule of thumb: A few hours after you complete a workout, you feel as if you could repeat it.
  2. Avoid grinding reps, especially with heavy barbell work. Those recovery checks you’re writing keep getting bigger while your bank account is only getting smaller.
  3. Use variations of the patient lifter’s method. That is 8 sets of 3 crisp reps with your 5RM.
  4. Manage volume correctly. Volume is great for building muscle, but it can gas you too. Instead, push volume in waves. You could do a month of moderate volume, a second month of much higher volume, and a third month at a lower volume.
  5. Always bookend very intense or high volume phases with a de-loading phase. (Must be longer than one week.)
  6. Skip the barbells every now and then. Between serious volume or intensity “blocks,” skip the heavy barbell work for dumbbells or single-leg variations. Also add in steady-state cardio and mobility drills. It’ll be like adding oil to your lamp.
  7. Steady state cardio is an awesome recovery tool (as long as it isn’t a slog fest). It burns fat, improves mood and mental clarity, and boosts cardiovascular health—things all older guys need.


  1. Get more sleep. You know this, though. You’re surviving on five hours, not thriving. Here are 5 Ways to Sleep Better Every Night.
  2. Belly breathing. Most people take very short, shallow “half-breaths.” Get them to perform a few deep, full lung-filling breaths (in through the nose, out through the mouth) and watch their reaction. Three minutes, three times a day works wonders to get the parasympathetic nervous system back online.
  3. Slow down. How? Just do less. Yeah, right. A better answer: when overwhelm hits, do the deep breathing above and go for a 15-minute walk. Running through your mental to-do list won’t help. You need to re-set your

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