How to Double Your Muscle Gains With Any Exercise

How to Double Your Muscle Gains With Any Exercise

​Add this simple method to your existing training routine and watch your results multiply

The lowering phase of your lifts, called the “eccentric” or “negative” phase, is just as important, yet most guys neglect it. And that’s too bad, because the negative provides unique muscle and strength building benefits the lifting phase doesn’t give you, according to researchers in Germany who scrutinized all of the science on the topic. For strength and building muscle, eccentric training is one of the most effective techniques.

There are a few key eccentric training methods that can help double your gains. Prepare to shock your muscles with a new challenge, eliciting incredible growth.

  1. Submax Negatives
    Directions: Use a weight equivalent to 70 to 85 percent of your one-rep max, or a load you’d use to perform 10 reps of an exercise. Lift the weight then take 3 to 5 seconds to lower it, pausing at the bottom of the rep. Repeat.
  2. Supramax Negatives
    Directions: You’ll need a spotter for this method. Load a bar with a weight that’s equivalent to about 110 percent of your one-rep max. So, for example, if your max bench press is 250 pounds, the bar would weigh 275 pounds. Unrack the weight and very slowly lower it. At the bottom of the lift, have your partner help you push the weight back up. No spotter? You can also try this method using a power rack with safety pins.
  3. Double Gain Negatives
    Directions: You’ll need a lifting machine that allows you to use two hands each rep. So, for example, a row machine or preacher curl machine. Select a weight you can perform 10 regular reps with. Lift the weight with both arms. Release your right the right arm at the top, then slowly lower the weight with your left arm. Repeat, this time lowering the weight with your right arm. Go back and forth between lowering arms to failure.


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