12-Minute Madness

12-Minute Madness

There’s a reason this plan is called 12-minute madness! Perform each of the following moves for 50 seconds, resting 10 seconds between each. Work through the entire circuit once. Do it a few more times if you are feeling brave.

1. Jump squats
2. Lateral jump
3. 5 high knees, down, jump tuck
4. Pushup core rotation burpee
5. 2 side jumps, 2 squat jumps
6. Commando up and down, 2 kick outs
7. V-abs roll left to right
8. Superman abs
9. 5 high knees, 5 switch lunges
10. 2 dive bombers, 2 drunken chickens
11. Surfer kick outs, 2 jump tucks
12. 2 pushups, 5 mountain climbers

12 minutes madness

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