Three Questions You Must Ask a Would-Be Trainer

Three Questions You Must Ask a Would-Be Trainer 

You should always feel comfortable asking your potential coach, instructor, motivator, or guru these questions.

  1. Is this your only job?

Right Answer: Yes

Why:  Most trainers who do it as a living have a real passion for it, and if it’s not their go-to way of making an income, I wouldn’t trust them. If they’re mediocre, they’ll say they train only part-time. A trainer should never be a salesperson. A good trainer is always training, and their competence with other clients should sell itself. They won’t have any trouble retaining clients—they should have a full roster.

  1. What would you do for me if I became your client?

Right Answer: What are your goals?

Why: A knowledgeable trainer knows a million things to do with any one person. It just comes down to what a client’s goals are. A personal trainer should reflect your goals and not just what’s trendy or has worked with other people they’ve trained. And they should stress in the sessions the need to do specific exercises to achieve your goals. If you tell them your goals right away, you’re giving them an easy out to your question.

  1. Do you do this workout yourself?

Right Answer: Yes

Why:  This is important. Make sure the person prescribing the workout also works out. It is a basic thing, but true. A lot of trainers create workouts with visually appealing exercises that they can’t do themselves. A trainer wouldn’t tell you to deadlift for eight reps without showing you what they want to see. A trainer doesn’t need to look like Arnold, but they should practice what they preach.General view of Personal Trainers 7/7/2013


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