6 Ways to Burn More Calories at the Gym

6 Ways to Burn More Calories at the Gym

Make the most of your sessions with this series of training tweaks

What you’re doing wrong: fasted workouts
How to fix it: light pre-workout meals

Crawling from your bed to the gym means running on empty for your whole workout. Breakfast boosts your VO2 max and supercharges fat-burning for the remainder of the day. Don’t force down a full English; a small portion of porridge is all you need to re-stock glycogen levels and get your muscles firing at full speed.

What you’re doing wrong: static stretching
How to fix it: dynamic stretches

Prepping your muscles pre-workout is essential, but a quick touch of the toes could be doing more harm than good. Static stretching before squats reduces your overall strength by 8.36%. Incorporate lunges, bounds, high knees and heel flicks to stay injury free and primed for maximum effort.

What you’re doing wrong: hitting the treadmill
How to fix it: run outdoors

Swap slaving away on the treadmill for a high intensity run to and from the gym. Running outside boosts your fat-burning potential because of factors like uneven terrain, direction and speed changes and headwinds. By taking your fitness al fresco you’ll burn extra calories and shorten your session to save time.

What you’re doing wrong: skipping legs day
How to fix it: lower body workouts twice a week

Legs day isn’t just for sports stars or top-heavy gym bros looking to even out. The bigger the muscles you work, the more calories you burn. 5 sets of leg presses burns75% more calories than 5 sets of dumbbell chest flyes. Fill your workout with squats, lunges and deadlifts to work your body’s biggest muscles and send your fat burning into overdrive.

What you’re doing wrong: working out alone
How to fix it: find a gym buddy

Plugging in your headphones and playing lone wolf might get you pumped, but hunting in a pack is the best way to kill calories. Working out with somebody significantly stronger than you can boost the intensity of your own session by as much as 200%. Forget your ego, grab your burliest pal and get to work.

What you’re doing wrong: wasting rest periods
What you should be doing: low-intensity lifts in between

Don’t just sit there between sets, make the most of your membership fee. Try 30 seconds of dumbbell floor presses or standing cable flyes. Pick whatever bit of kit is free and get to work. Remember to drop the weight and focus on form. This is still a rest period, but by keeping your muscles moving you’re continuing to burn calories.

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