5 Ways to Craft a New Year’s Resolution

5 Ways to Craft a New Year’s Resolution

  1. Evaluate Yourself

Take a look at your life over the past several years before making a resolution. Don’t make the same plans and mistakes as you have before. Visit a doctor to have your weight, body fat, heart rate, cholesterol and blood pressure checked. Modifying these can be among your goals.

  1. Be Specific

One big reason people fail? Making “get fit” their goal. Most people won’t know when general fitness is achieved. Set a single, specific goal that can be achieved in a realistic time, such as six months. Aiming to lose 1½ to 3 pounds per week is a safe goal. Gaining a pound of lean muscle per week, or 25 in six months, is realistic.”

  1. Understand Your Plan

Rather than undertaking some fad workout, do your own research to find out what type of training or diet is best for your goals. The more you understand your plan, the more effective it will be and the greater the odds you will stay with it.

  1. Focus on Muscle

Whether you’re a man or woman, the equation for drastically altering body composition is the same: Add muscle and burn fat. Make resistance training part of your New Year regimen.

  1. Performance as a Goal

Looking at the scale every day is like watching paint dry. Focus instead on improvements in performance. Perform tests, like push-ups for reps, plank for time, one-mile runs or max pull-ups.


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