The 4 Moves You Need in Order to Own the Weight Room

The 4 Moves You Need in Order to Own the Weight Room


MOVE ONE: Barbell Lunge

  1. You may be tempted to keep your feet wide. But narrowing your stance can actually stabilize you.
    2. Move your hips straight down. Shifting them forward can increase stress on your joints.
    3. Push through your entire foot, not your toes, to stand back up.

MOVE TWO: Dumbbell Row

  1. Before you start, pull your shoulders back instead of scrunching them up. Focus on creating as much space as you can between your shoulders and ears.
    2. Start each rep by first squeezing your shoulder blades together, then bending your elbows.
    3. Stick your chest out as you row the weights to prevent rounding your lower back, which won’t fully engage your shoulders.

MOVE THREE: Barbell Squat

  1. Focus on a mark just above eye level; looking down can cause you to lean forward and hurt your lower back.
    2. Think sit back first. Think bend your knees second.
    3. Imagine your heels are glued to the floor the entire time; this will ease pressure on your knees.

MOVE FOUR: Straight-Leg Dumbbell Deadlift

  1. Push your hips back as you lower your torso, which will help keep your back flat.
    2. Imagine you’re shaving your legs with the weights as you stand, to prevent straining your lower back.
    3. When lifting the weights up, think squeeze (your glutes) and thrust (your hips forward), not pull (with your lower back).barbell-lunges

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