The 4 Biggest Fat-Loss Myths

The 4 Biggest Fat-Loss Myths

Looking to do more burning than building? Be sure to avoid these pervasive (and questionable) get-lean strategies.

Myth No. 1: One diet is better than another.

Truth: When it comes to a diet plan, personalization is key. Along with your already-rigorous training routine, take time to find what works for you nutritionally and, most importantly, stick with it.

Myth No. 2: All calories are created equal.

Truth: Not all calories are one in the same, so forget the tedious task of closely monitoring your calorie intake every day. To show your six-pack some love, simply make your digestive tract work harder by consuming almost all of your calories from foods as close to their natural state as possible and watch the pudge melt away.

Myth No. 3: You should graze all day

Truth: If you find that eating at regular intervals keeps your energy levels up and prevents hunger-induced fridge raids, keep doing so. Just be sure to watch your overall consumption and be sure more of your calories come earlier in the day as opposed to later at night when they are more likely to pad your fat stores.

Myth No. 4: Everything in moderation.

Truth: For any food that you think you should consume only in moderation (here’s looking at you Mr. Double Fudge Ice Cream), is something that in fact should be a very rare occurrence in your diet if you expect to trim the fat and keep it off. All foods do not fit into a balanced diet.



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