Metcon Mix

Metcon Mix

The holidays are a time of good cheer, but they are also a time of lots of parties. Although you are sure to indulge, the best way to prevent over stuffing is to stick to your exercise program.

This hybrid metabolic-conditioning workout done for time combines running with power and strength moves for a fat-burning cocktail, bar none. Try to use the same barbells for thrusters and deadlifts. You will need a heavy kettlebell for swings and a lighter one for rows. Use a timer for your workout, subtracting two minutes of rest between the two halves of this workout from your total to get your score for the day.


Exercise                                            Reps/Effort

Do the sequence below in order 3 times through

Barbell Thrust                                   6

Kettlebell Swing                                9

V-Up                                                   12

Run 400 meters                                85% max


Rest 2 minutes, Then…

Do the sequence below in order 3 times through

Barbell Deadlift                                 12

Kettlebell Bent Over Row                 9

Burpee                                               6

Run 400 meters                                90-100% max



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