Quick Fix – Hanging Knee Raise

Quick Fix – Hanging Knee Raise


  • The Flaw: Swinging.
  • The Fix: When doing this exercise hanging from a pull-up bar, letting the body sway back and forth is a common error. Keep your torso stationary (or very close to it) by performing the motion under control; this will keep the tension in the core, where it should be. As your core stability and coordination improve, you can speed up the movement some.


  • The Flaw: Not lifting the pelvis.
  • The Fix: Don’t stop when your thighs come parallel to the floor. At that point, lift your pelvis upward so your lower back comes off the pad (if using a vertical bench\Roman chair). With any lower-ab exercise, crunch your pelvis just as you do your torso when doing crunches.


  • The Flaw: Aiming too high on the rep count.
  • The Fix: Just because it is an ab exercise does not mean you have to do sets of 15 or more reps. This is a tough exercise, and knowing you have a ton of reps ahead of you often fosters rushed, sloppy form. Start off with lower reps with a deliberate contraction at the top. Good starting points would be three sets of eight or even five sets of five. Quality counts way more than quality on this move.0830.PNG

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