Quick Fix – Barbell Curl

Quick Fix – Barbell Curl


  • The Flaw: Locking out your knees.
  • The Fix: Yes, this is an arm exercise, but your legs play a role, too, even if just a minor one. Maintain a slight bend in your knees throughout the set. This will not only allow you to generate more force and power on the curl (as compared to fully straightened legs) but will also take pressure off the lower back.


  • The Flaw: letting your elbows travel upward.
  • The Fix: It is a common tendency when the weight starts feeling heavy to lift the elbows to help complete a rep. but all you are doing here is involving the front delts and taking tension off the biceps. A slight shift forward of the elbows is OK, but do not let them lift up and away from your sides.


  • The Flaw Going too light.
  • The Fix: Most trainers warn against going too heavy on curls, telling you to check your ego at the door>’ it is a valid point, but this advice may swing the pendulum too far to where you are curling 65 pounds for 12 reps when you could probably manage 95 pounds for 10 reps with a little grit and determination 9and even good form). The biceps won’t grow unless you force them to by stepping out your comfort zone and grunting out some heavy sets. Perhaps increasing your load will limit you to five or sex reps. That’s OK. Save your higher-rep work for dumbbell and cable curls or even a light finishing burnout set with the barbell.0928

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