Torturously Tough Workouts

Torturously Tough Workouts

Some of the most popular new fitness classes are also the most intense, but do these grueling workouts leave enough room for pleasure and endorphins amongst all the burning and the pain?

One of the great things about exercise is that there are hundreds of ways it can be done. From gym rats to outdoors lovers, and from zen seekers to those looking to release some energy, there’s something in the fitness world for everyone—beginners and hardcore athletes alike. Lately, though, people from all over the exercise spectrum have been drawn to one fitness trend in particular: really, really tough workouts. These challenging classes take on a no-frills style and promise to get you fit and make you strong from the inside out. They also promise you’re going to work harder than you ever have before (or at least harder than you’re used to).

Why the tough-stuff attitude? You need to go beyond easy to really find out who you can be.

So what’s drawing us to these incredibly brutal workouts? People are realizing that they’re capable of so much more than what’s typically demanded of them. And getting out of your comfort zone not only improves your physical and mental game but prepares you for anything that life throws your way. See, unlike Spinning or running, classes challenge you to move your body in back-to-basics ways. The human body is designed to move as a whole and in multiple planes. Movement training utilizes more muscle groups and expends more energy, resulting in highly effective and efficient training sessions.

For example, First responders need to be ready for anything and everything at all times. They need to be able to conquer tasks such as gaining entry through a locked door or carrying an unconscious person out of a location.” That’s why they like striking a large tire with a sledgehammer, manipulating a 120-lb. dummy through a course, or carrying a real fire hose.

There’s an adrenaline rush that comes from really pushing yourself, which makes workouts like these very appealing. So even if you have no intentions of becoming a firefighter or, uh, going to prison, we guarantee you’ll get a boost from achieving fitness feats you never thought possible…just make sure to maximize those rest days.img_0510


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