Walk This Way 2016

Walk This Way 2016


Don’t just pick stuff up and put it down. Channel your inner strength and move it from A to B, far and fast with the farmer’s carry.


Do It: Three steps to a perfect carry, plus a brutal workout.

  1. To start, grab the center of the loaded farmer’s handles (or two 45-pound plates, kettelbells, or dumbbells) with a flat back, heels down, chin neutral, and arms fully extended.
  2. Deadlift the weights and keep your arms extended. Drop your shoulders and avoid shrugging while you walk.
  3. Move as quickly as possible from Point A to Point B. try to walk smoothly but move with purpose.

The Workout: Every minute on the minute (EMOM) for 15 minutes: 50-foot farmer’s carry, no drops allowed during the carry. Load each handle with 50 percent of your body weight or use dumbbells or kettlebells.img_7750

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