10 Minutes Killer Kettlebell Workout

10 Minutes Killer Kettlebell Workout

stretch it The Kettlebell is one of the most versatile weights out there. It’s shaped perfectly for tons of different home exercises, and adds to your functional strength because its weight shifts during your workout. Best of all, you don’t have to put it down to change positions, keeping you focused and ready to lift. Try these 5 exercises to work your core, chest, abs, and really burn off the calories. Perform each for 2 minutes to burn 200+ calories in 10 minutes.

  1. Swing. Hold the kettlebell with both hands, palms facing you. You’ll want to stand with feet slightly further than hip-width apart, with knees bent slightly. Start by bending at the waist, kettlebell between your knees. Then, thrust upward so the kettlebell reaches chest height, arms extended in front of you.
  2. One Arm Swing. Once you get the hang of the basic swing, try one arm swings. It’s the same movement, just hold the kettlebell with one arm. This move requires more stability and core strength, so wait until you master the double handed swing.
  3. Turkish Get Up. Lay down with the kettlebell in one hand above you, arm extended. Stand up with only your legs, keeping your arm raised the entire time. Your core, glutes, shoulders and legs all go hard in this move.
  4. One Arm Squat. Hold the kettlebell in one hand by your shoulder, your elbow is bent at your side. Squat as far down as you can, while reaching your free hand out in front of you for balance. Rise up, keeping the weight stationary the entire time. This move is designed to hit your core and torso.
  5. Wind Mill. Stand with your feet just slightly wider than hip-width apart. Hold the kettlebell with one hand, and raise that arm straight up in the air. Keep your free arm by your side. The foot on this side should be pointed out slightly. Then, slide your free hand down your left leg, keeping your kettlebell hand stationary. If you want to hit those obliques, the wind mill is the way to go.

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