Get Fitter Faster: The Weight-Loss Workout

Get Fitter Faster: The Weight-Loss Workout

Warm Up: One-Leg R.D.L. with Twist

This modified Romanian dead lift will fire up your hamstrings and core. Standing on right foot with arms in a W, hinge forward, lifting left leg straight behind you; rotate torso slowly to left with abs engaged (above). Repeat on opposite side for 1 rep. Do 10 reps.


The Plan

Your Schedule
Do the circuit twice a week, never on back-to-back days, so your muscles have time to recover. If you play high-intensity sports such as basketball or tennis; begin with 1 bout a week, and work up to 2 as you get fitter.

How Hard to Push
In your first week of workouts move at a steady, methodical pace to dial in form and build up your cardiovascular endurance. In the weeks following, use a stopwatch and focus on shaving second off your total time.

Get Even Leaner
When you can’t complete the workout any faster, it’s time to use a heavier kettlebell — but still execute perfect form. Drive hips forward for the swing, stay level in the carry, and don’t allow shoulders to slump during the squat.

A Note on Kettlebells
These weights get you leaner faster than dumbbells because they’re so unwieldy; using them requires more muscles to fire to keep you stable. That also means if you’re new to bells, you should start with a 12kg weight, then work up.


The Workout

With a 16-kilogram kettlebell, perform 2 kettlebell swings. Carry the bell 10 yards; perform 10 goblet squats. Carry bell back to start; do 4 swings. Carry bell back to your squat station; do 9 goblet squats. Continue, adding 2 swings each time and subtracting one squat, until you hit a final set of 20 swings and 1 goblet squat. Move continuously — no breaks.


Kettle Bell Swing

How To Do It
Hold bell in front of you with knees slightly bent. Hinge forward with a flat back, and send bell backward between legs (you should feel hamstrings engage), then thrust hips forward to propel bell to eye level. Keep weight in heels throughout reps.


Farmer’s Carry

How To Do It
Walk slowly and deliberately with head up and shoulders back. Engage abs to help keep shoulders level, so bell isn’t dragging body to one side. Switch sides with each carry.


Goblet Squat

How To Do It
Hold bell close to chest, elbows tucked in. Squat as low as you can while keeping chest up, back flat, and feet planted. Push through heels to stand.floor


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