The Deck-A-Day game uses standard playing cards to determine which body-weight exercises you will do (and for how any reps). The uncertainty keeps you on your toes, because you can never predict how challenging your workout will be. That unpredictability is crucial for cut abs. this do-anywhere circuit – keeps your core engaged from beginning to end.

  1. Split your deck into four piles. Pick a card from each pile.


  1. Match your suit to these exercises:

Spades = Squats – The shape kinda looks like your body in a squat, right?

Diamonds = Superman – His logo is in the form of a big rock, after all.

Hearts = Burpees– Because you just love to hate them, don’t you?

Clubs = Leg Raises- lying face up, raise both legs in the air to trace the three points of the club.


  1. The number on your card is how many reps you will do of that move (Jack =11, Queen =12, King =13)
  2. Perform one set of each exercise, then repeat for three rounds. “Play” at least twice a week. As you get better, weed out the numeral cards and use only the face cards.deck of cards workout

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