Quick Fix – Push Ups

Quick Fix – Push Ups

Simple solutions of widespread exercise errors.


The Flaw: Not Planking.

The Fix: First things first: Make sure your body is in a rigid plank, a straight line from head to heels, in push-up position with arms extended. The hips should not sag toward the floor, nor should they point upward. Maintain this body position throughout every rep.


The Flaw: Butchering ROM.

The Fix: Descend under control and make sure that your chest touches the floor lightly at the bottom of each rep; no cheating your range of motion. At the top, just as with a bench press, the arms should be extended but not locked out with the elbows just slightly bent.


The Flaw: Going too fast.

The Fix: Slow down. For some reason, people feel the need to fly through their push-ups at warp speed. It is not a race. Your rep tempo should be more or less the same as it is for any lift to take advantage of both the positive and negative portions of each rep.Pushup

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