Quick Fix – Close Grip Bench Press

Quick Fix – Close Grip Bench Press


  • The Flaw: Going to narrow.
  • The Fix: Stop ate shoulder width. To target the triceps, “the closer the better” is only true to an extent. Research has shown that a very narrow grip of hands (around four inches apart) does not activate the triceps any more than shoulder width. The latter grip will allow you to use more weight, plus it will likely be easier on the wrist joints.


  • The Flaw: Letting the elbows flare out.
  • The Fix: Keep your upper arms tight to your sides. Letting your elbows point out not only diminishes activation of the triceps, but also limits power. With less power, you will get fewer reps and thus less overall stimulation.


  • The Flaw: Not varying the equipment.
  • The Fix: The barbell close-grip bench press is a great mass building move for the triceps, but don’t get married to that one version. Try Smith machine presses, too. The fixed path of motion means fewer stabilizing muscles at work, which means more tension on the triceps and the potential to pile on more weight.Close Grip Barbell Bench Press

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