Quick Fix – Preacher Curl

Quick Fix – Preacher Curl

Simple solutions of widespread exercise errors.


The Flaw: Coming off the seat.

The Fix: The whole point of a preacher bench is to stabilize your upper arms for complete biceps isolation. You negate this benefit when you let your glutes come off the seat at the bottom of the rep; as you sit back down, you create momentum that helps you initiate the beginning of the curl. That is supposed to be the biceps’ job. Lower the bar (or dumbbell) slowly on the negative portion of every rep so the weight doesn’t pull you up off the seat.


The Flaw: Stopping short of full elbow extension.

The Fix: I get why people don’t go all the way down on preacher curls – because the fully extended elbow position is uncomfortable, that probably means the weight is too heavy. Lighten the load and go to full extension, without locking out your elbows, on every rep.


The Flaw: Not using variety.

The Fix: Your preacher curl repertoire does not have to be limited to standard barbell and dumbbell variations. Hit the muscles from different angles by doing reverse-grip EZ Bar preacher curls and hammer preacher curls, using the same grip position you do when preforming those movements standing.One Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curl

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