Myths About Hydration #5

Myths About Hydration #5

Get the truth about when, what and how much you really need to sip.

Myth: You should drink a lot during exercise.

Fact: Let thirst be your guide. You may think it is good to glug loads of water during spin class – or that it can’t hurt. But there is such a thing as over hydration. Hyponatremia, in which the level of sodium in your blood gets too low, can be caused by drinking large volumes of fluid, even ones with electrolytes. It is rare, but it can be deadly. There is no reason to drink more than your body needs, and the sensor that tells us how much we need is thirst. You don’t have to gulp a gallon of water during a workout if you are not thirsty. Don’t trust your “thirst-inct”? Weigh yourself before and after exercising, then drink 16 ounces for every pound lost.

Bottom Line: Thirst has worked for thousands of years. Listen to it.water 5


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