Myths About Hydration #1

Myths About Hydration #1

Get the truth about when, what and how much you really need to sip.

Myth: We are all chronically dehydrated.

Fact: Not if you eat a healthy diet. Once upon a time, we used to have some water just to wash down a meal. But these days, we are encouraged to drink all day long, on the premise that we have secretly been walking around like parched zombies. Not so. The truth is, moisture in food contributes about 20 percent of the fluid you need. So if you avoid “dry” foods like heavily processed crackers, fill up on fruits and veggies ad drink when you are thirsty, you should stay well hydrated, even if you are not chugalugging.

Bottom Line: Eating a diet packed with produce helps prevent dehydration throughout the day. Some super-hydrating choices: cucumbers (97 percent water), cauliflower (92 percent water), spinach (91 percent water) and strawberries (91 percent water).water 1


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