Healthy Habit 2 – Eat Breakfast like a King (or Queen)

Healthy Habit 2 – Eat Breakfast like a King (or Queen)


It’s time to rise and dine. People who front load their calories by eating their largest meal at breakfast lose more over time than those who take in more calories later in the day. It is also a known fact that people who eat their major meals after 3 p.m. shed less weight than those who eat their main meals before 3 p.m., even when they eat the same amounts, exercise the same amount, and get the same amount of sleep. Eating more of your calories early in the day also helps you take advantage of a higher metabolism, resulting in less of a chance that the food you eat will show up as doughy flesh.


Action Plan: Most people consume about 17 percent of their daily calories at breakfast, 24 percent at lunch, and 34 percent at dinner. Instead, try eating as many calories (if not more) at breakfast as you would at lunch or dinner. And be sure to include plenty of protein such as eggs, Canadian bacon or protein powder since high-protein morning repasts have been shown to aid in the battle of the bulge.TrishaYearwood_BlueberryPancakes_H

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