Why not try some grapefruit? Thought to be named for the way it grows in clusters, this citrus has long been pigeonholed as a breakfast food (or, worse, a fad diet). But grapefruit’s sweet-tart flavor can brighten everything from ice cream to fish tacos. Stop spooning and start slicing, sautéing, and squeezing.

Juicy Fruit – Lugged home a bag of grapefruit only to find the flesh inside is dry and mealy? Take time in the store to weigh each fruit in your palm. If it feels firm and heavy for its size, chances are it is filled with juice.

Pithy Observation – White grapefruit, identified by its creamy yellow skin with no hint of pink blush, is slightly tangier than pink or red (the darkest of the three most common types0. Pink is particularly popular because of its balance of sweet and tang, but any variety will work. Store grapefruit for up to 2 weeks in the crisper drawer of the refrigerator.citrus


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