Move it, Move it

Move it, Move it


Never go out on a limb and figure people know the benefits of walking. What many might not know is that even when you are doing a micro stroll it comes with cardio perks. Challenge yourself to one of these three goals every day.

  • Walk TWO minutes per hour and… Live longer! Spending just 120 seconds each hour moving instead of sitting may lower your risk of dying younger by 33 percent.


  • Walk FIVE minutes per hour and… Burn up to 1,000 extra calories in a week. When you add it up, in a 16-hour day (assuming you sleep for eight) you are clocking 80 minutes of light activity.


  • Walk 10 minutes a day and… safeguard your arteries. Six hours of sitting restricts blood flow to your legs, which may up your risk for arterial disease, a precursor for heart attack or stroke. Just 10 minutes of walking may protect you.



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