Buy 5, Drop 5 –Part 1

Buy 5, Drop 5 –Part 1


Put these power foods on your plate and eat your way to a smaller size.


  1. Dark Chocolate: eat a one-ounce square of this sweet…or inhale it, literally. Research has found that the scent alone actually lowers level of the hunger hormone ghrelin.
  2. Ruby Red Grapefruit: This citrus fruit and its juice just might loosen your pants. People who ate or drank the stuff downed about 25 percent less overall and shed 7 percent more weight than those who skipped it.
  3. Brussels Sprouts: These leafy orbs clock in at a mere 38 calories per cup, and they are teeming with fat-fighting vitamin C and anti-inflammatory compounds that show promise in fighting obesity.
  4. Cinnamon: Stick it to cravings with this zero-calorie flavor enhancer. Its stabilizing effect on blood sugar can help control hunger.
  5. Pork Tenderloin: Belly-filled and muscle-building, this lean protein is packed with B vitamins, crucial for keeping your metabolism humming along.citrus

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