Stop Thinking

Stop Thinking


The best way to stay motivated is not to try so hard.


The prefrontal cortex of your brain is where willpower comes from. It also handles day-to-day task, short-term memory, and focus. In short, it is overworked, so how can you expect t to keep you on task with your fitness goals when it I already busy paying your bills and remembering you birthday or anniversary?


The way to achieve your goal is not through periodic shots of adrenaline, but rather by making small appointments that keep you on a regular basis. Start by making specific commitments to get at least 20 minutes of exercise on a particular day, time, and place every week. This works because building one habit at a time helps reduce cognitive load, meaning your brain has less to process. Breaking goals down into little pieces lets you pick them up a day at a time – you do not get overwhelmed by the seeming enormity of what you want to accomplish and can see it through. This of it this way, and achieving a goal is no different from checking off any other to-do list.ball crunch


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