How To Be An Awesome Runner

How To Be An Awesome Runner

These threes simple moves can ease and minimize aches.


  1. Claim The Title – If you are putting in the effort, you are a runner. I do not have enough middle fingers for people who say that those who are not fast or are not doing a certain mileage are not runners. To me, this sport is measured in hustle. Did you actually move your body today?
  2. Don’t Overcomplicate Things – People get into these crazy debates. “What fitness tracker should I wear?” “What are the most expensive shoes?” it is almost an excuse to avoid the actual training and grittiness of the sport. Just shut up and run!
  3. Broadcast Your Goals – If you want to stay accountable, you have to tell someone. Do not be ashamed to take that running selfie. When you make your goal public, it is hard to backtrack. Let that pride drive you.
  4. Find Your Fast – Besides your long run, speed work is the linchpin to a training plan; do it once a week. It can be just a fartlek, where you are running hard for two blocks and then jogging for two. Listen, 30 seconds of a fast run done repeatedly can be a game changer.IMG_7752

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