Recover Faster

Recover Faster

These threes simple moves can ease and minimize aches.


  1. Eat Fruit – eating half a banana or a pair with a cup of water every 15 minutes during a 2 ½ hour workout reduces metabolites linked to fat oxidation and inflammation by 50 percent compared to just drinking water. Other fruits that can produce the same results are dates, berries, and raisins – probably because the fruits’ antioxidants mop up free radicals created by exercise. If your workout is 45 to 60 minutes, just have a banana or pear 30 minutes before.
  2. Roll It Out – Foam-rolling can minimize soreness. After your workout, sit or lie on the roller for 30 to 60 seconds per muscle group; do three repetitions on each area.
  3. Get Plenty of Sleep – It is critical for everyone who exercises regularly. That is when your body repairs itself.loselogo

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