Quick Fix – Lat Pulldown

Quick Fix – Lat Pulldown

Simple solutions to widespread exercise errors.

The Flaw: Not adjusting the seat and knee pads.

The Fix: Your thighs should fit snugly beneath the pads to fully stabilize your lower body so you can pull with maximum force up top. If your heels are off the floor, it means the pad is too high. Bring it down one click.


The Flaw: Going too narrow on your grip every time.

The Fix: The whole point of doing lat pulldowns is to create width in the back for a more dramatic V-taper, and this can be best achieved with a wider grip. Building lats that are thick from top to bottom requires varying your hand spacing, so don’t fall into the trap of always performing close-grip work.


The Flaw: Not squeezing your shoulder blades together

The Fix: Full contraction of the back muscles requires full retraction of the shoulder blades at the end of the rep, same as when doing rows. In the down position, pause for a count or two and consciously pull your shoulder blades together and down. You should feel the contraction in your middle traps and rhomboids, even though this is primary a lat exercise.8942

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