Build Your Own Gym: Six Easy Pieces – 5

Build Your Own Gym: Six Easy Pieces – 5


Lose the cables, big weights, and gym membership for this versatile, inexpensive equipment and a full-body workout at home.


Soft Medicine Ball


There’s a reason the soft medicine ball is so key to CrossFit: Simply tossing it against the wall and catching it is hard work for all your muscle groups. But the best part of having a large, soft ball is that you can throw it around – and slam it. Take a 20-pound ball over your head and slam it into the ground 20 times. You’re getting a cardio workout, building strength in your abs, arms, legs, and shoulders, and blowing off steam.


Do This: Basic Slams.

Hold the ball high overhead, extend, slam it to the ground, and catch the rebound. Repeat 20 times.


Also Try:

  • Wall Balls. From a squat position, thrust up and throw the ball about 10 feet up the wall. Catch and repeat.
  • Ab Throws. Lying with arms extended, holding the ball behind your head, sit up and throw it against a wall. Catch and repeat.
  • Elevated Push-Up. With the ball under one hand and your other hand flat on the ground, do a push-up.
  • Extension Passes. Lying on your stomach with your legs and arms lifted off the ground, roll the ball back and forth from hand to hand.



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