Build Your Own Gym: Six Easy Pieces – 4

Build Your Own Gym: Six Easy Pieces – 4


Lose the cables, big weights, and gym membership for this versatile, inexpensive equipment and a full-body workout at home.


Vew-Do Balance Board


A rope is the fastest way to warm up in the gym – and one of the most intense cardio sessions available. But the real benefit of the jump rope is that it improves both hand-eye coordination and foot speed. Jumping fast increases strength and the rate at which your calf muscles fire, which improves quickness.


Do This: Single Leg Jumps.

Hop 10 times on one leg, and then switch to the other. Repeat three times.


Also Try:

  • Squat. Hold your arms out in front of you for balance.
  • Times Stands. Simply stand on the Vew-Do for 60 seconds. Work your way up to five minutes.
  • Ab Rolls. Turn the board sideways and position your hands on it. With knees on the floor, roll out until your legs are straight, and then roll back in.
  • Advanced Balance. Jump onto the board, catching your balance when you land.






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