Build Your Own Gym: Six Easy Pieces – 2

Build Your Own Gym: Six Easy Pieces – 2


Lose the cables, big weights, and gym membership for this versatile, inexpensive equipment and a full-body workout at home.


Plyo Box


This 24-inch box is worth having just for the jumping workouts: These create strength and power in your legs and butt, and help with acceleration. Tip: be sure to focus on jumping off as well as on. Building the strength needed to land and decelerate softly can help prevent injuries in lots of sports.


Do This: Basic Jumps.

Hop onto the box, straighten your legs, push your pelvis forward to a full upright stance, bend your knees, and jump back down. Repeat 15 times.


Also Try:

  • Decline Push Ups. Put your feet on the box and do push-ups.
  • Dips. With your back to the box and your legs straight in front of you, lower yourself.
  • Steps. Instead of jumping, use your box as a tall stair to builf leg strength, stepping on and off.
  • Lunges. Put one leg behind you on the box, your other leg in front of you, and squat.




front squat


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