Build Your Own Gym: Six Easy Pieces – 1

Build Your Own Gym: Six Easy Pieces – 1


Lose the cables, big weights, and gym membership for this versatile, inexpensive equipment and a full-body workout at home.




This rubber tube with handgrips was invented for hockey players’ off ice workouts. ViPR takes the place of a bar for squats, lunges, and dead lifts, and is better than a machine for lumberjack chops and lat pulls. Holding a ViPR and doing anything creates a workout. A lunge is great, but doing it with a 26-pound tube forces muscles in your body to work differently.


Do This: Roll-up Squat.

Hold the ViPR at your chest, and – in one fluid motion – squat, toll onto your back, move the ViPR above your head and back to your chest, and roll up to a stand. Repeat 20 times.


Also Try:

  • Lunges. Hold the ViPR in front or overhead, lunge forward with your right leg, then your left.
  • Chops. Perform a chopping motion to one side, then the other.
  • Farmer’s Lifts. Squat and touch the tube to the ground at your left side. Stand, then lift it over your head and repeat to the right.
  • Dead Lift Pulls. With slightly bent legs, lift the ViPR off ground and raise it to your chin.





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