Calf Correction

Calf Correction


Tweak your standing calf raise for better gains.


The standing calf raise is typically done with knees locked the whole time to target the gastrocnemius, the main, diamond-shaped calf muscle. But bending your knee slightly on the way down involves the soleus muscle, too, so you can work the entire calf region in one move with heavy weight.


How To Do It:

Combo Raise

  1. Set up in a standing-calf-raise machine. Begin lowering your heels and slightly bend your knees as you go down so you feel a stretch on the sides of your calves.
  2. As you come up, lock out your knees and flex your calves hard at the top.



Quick Tip: if your calves are tight, hold the bottom position of any calf raise for up to 10 seconds. Stretching the muscles under load will help increase range of motion.Yellow Ball1


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