TRX Push-Pull Challenge

TRX Push-Pull Challenge


Blast your pecs, lats, and core in less than 15 minutes.


What It Is: A three-exercise push-pull-sprint circuit. It starts with TRX atomic pushups, moves into TRX low rows, and finishes with a quarter-mile run. Try for five rounds but don’t be discouraged if you can’t do it. The tank will be empty quicker than you think.



Why It Works: In the first two exercises, rather than chase a specific number of reps, you are going for as many as possible in 30 seconds. Your number will diminish as the workout wears on you and your fatigue. This test is all about setting the best pace you can. It challenges you to do more each time.



The Workout

Directions: Do the following exercises as a circuit, resting one minute at the end of each circuit. Try to do five rounds. Record the total number of reps and rounds performed and the total times it took for future reference.


  • TRX Atomic Pushup – 30 seconds
  • TRX Low Row – 30 seconds
  • Run – ¼ mileStretching 1

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