Better Ways to Do Squats – Split Squats

Better Ways to Do Squats – Split Squats


Squats are the kings of all exercises. They help chisel your core because, metabolically, they are your best friend. And don’t get me started on what they do for your butt.


Build on a Classic Squat – Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, chest high, abs drawn in and hands clasped in front of chest or straight out with palms down. Sit nice and deep, bringing hips to just below parallel. Push into heels to rise to standing.


Split Squat: Stand with feet a little less than shoulder-width apart; step left foot forward and slightly to the left. Lower down until back knee touches floor. Drive off heel of left foot to stand. Do half of set on left side, then switch.


Make it Harder: Place your rear foot on a box to add a balance and stability challenge.


Body Benefit: This wakes up the glutes, which are often turned off thanks to long hours of standing.KRgY19GeNpvKW_46yBpb10qnXZYIjfmo_pW6twNVXd_CvHnAPPA2UW8TLNbe0yYS3ebfeQ=s138

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