Fit for Life

Fit for Life


You need for your workout style to match your look. Once you overcome your fear of getting inured, you can achieve your goals.



Ab Workout:

  • Decline Sit Up – 5 sets of 35 to 35 reps with 60 seconds rest
  • Ab Knee Ins – 10 sets of 35 to 40 reps with 45 seconds rest
  • Russian Twist – 5 sets of 15 to 20 reps with 45 seconds rest
  • Jumping Rope – 5 sets for 2 minutes with 60 seconds rest
  • Stationary Bike Cycling – 45 minutes



3 Ab Training Tips

  1. Avoid Cramps. I drink lots of water every day. I used to get cramps in my abs, but when I started drinking more water, the cramps subsided.
  2. Get Loose. Stretch the abs 10 to 15 minutes before abs training to avoid injury. I do cobra pose, hang from a bar, and do side bends.
  3. Go For Two. Do not train abs more than twice a week, because your lower back may become more injury-prone.

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