Try It Again

Try It Again


You’re doing it wrong. Adjust your pushdown to follow your strength curve.


How To Do It: Triceps Pushdown


(Pushdowns done with a V-Bar let you go heavier. However, doing them with a rope is easier on your wrists.)


  1. Attach a V-Bar (or a rope handle) to the top pulley of a cable station and grasp an end in each hand. Hold it close to your body with elbows bent at 90 degrees. Bend your torso forward so you feel the tension on the triceps.
  2. Press the handle down and slightly forward as you extend your elbows. As you return to the starting position, draw your elbows back – think about how you would lower your body on a dip or a pushup. You should feel your triceps being stretched at their elbow 2 copy

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