Mike’s Rules of the Gym

Mike’s Rules of the Gym


  1. Ditch the Smith Machine – It’s only good use is as a coat rack. It does not help. It hinders you, in fact. It forces you to move in a certain way.
  2. Embrace the Squat – It is the only lift no one can do without. Period. Absolutely, period.
  3. Put Your Weights Away – Unless your mom works in the gym, put your weights back. Clean up after yourself. If you take the time to put the weights back, it shows you respect the place.
  4. Do The Work – Just get in there and GO. If you want to be strong, you have to do strong stuff. You have to set realistic, attainable goals. And just get in there and kick ass.
  5. Improve Your Weakness – If you’re calf deficient like I am, develop a program to build up your calves. It is easy.
  6. Try New Things and be Willing to Suck for a While – I remember when I started doing Olympic lifts. I could not do them. And I came to the realization that I needed to learn how to do them correctly – or don’t ever do them again. And I dove all in. I worked it out.photo 1 copy 4

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