Connect Four

Connect Four


Add a 50-yard sprint between four regular exercises for results that are anything but ordinary.


What It is: The “Four Corners” workout is circuit training in the traditional sense. You set up four exercises as stations, 50 yards apart (in a square, hence the name), and sprint to each one. You will do five rounds of 50 mountain climbers, 20 body weight squats, eight T push-ups, and 30 jumping jacks. Since no equipment is required, it could also be set up as two stations, 50 yards apart.


Why It Works: Take away the sprinting and you have what would be a fairly demanding circuit either at home or in the gym. But by adding in 50-yard sprints between each exercise, an otherwise ordinary training circuit becomes a behemoth. If you don’t have any space for sprints, do 10-seconds “deadmill” runs – hold onto the dashboard of a treadmill and push the unpowered belt with your feet as quickly as possible.



The Workout:

Four Corners

Directions – Do five rounds, sprinting 50 yards between exercises

  • Mountain Climber – 50 reps
  • Body Weight Sprints – 20 reps
  • T Push Up – 4 (each side)
  • Jumping Jack – 30 reps



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