Mike’s 4 Rules to Shaping Up

Mike’s 4 Rules to Shaping Up


  1. Be A Super Planner – Having a set program makes it so much easier to stick to your workouts. Once I started exercising, I schedule all my workouts a month ahead or so I know what to do.
  2. Always Have a Goal – They do not have to be big ones – in fact, the smaller, the better! One of my favorites: Drink at least 6 cups of water a day. Checking that off my list makes me feel accomplished.
  3. Feed Your Feed – With Instagram, and other social media apps, it is easy to post my workouts and find fitness inspirations. I like real-life individuals who share exercises and motivational tips.
  4. Pump Up The Positivity – I love listening to Janet Jackson or Michael Jackson when I hit the gym. Not every song is the perfect tempo got tough workouts, but the positive lyrics always put me in a good mood.lime green photo 1

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