Drink Up

Drink Up


Hydration is crucial to bodily processes ā€“ even when you are not sweating.


Whether you are active or not, water is one nutrient you really have to make sure you are getting enough of in your diet, in summer and winter.


Adequate water intake is important for a host of body processes, including muscular activity, temperature regulation, and the transport of oxygen to our cells.


You can also increase your fluid intake by eating foods with high water content. On the fruit side, watermelon and strawberries hover around 92 percent water per volume, grapefruit is at 91 percent, cantaloupe is 90, and pineapples, cranberries, oranges, and raspberries come in at 87 percent. Watery cucumbers and lettuce are tops for veggies at 96 percent, with zucchini, radishes, tomatoes, cabbage, and celery around 94 percent.shutterstock_146471507

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