Stronger, Leaner, Tougher with Idris Elba

Stronger, Leaner, Tougher with Idris Elba


Complete 4 rounds. Each round, jump rope and work the heavy bag for 2 minutes each. Then do 40 jumping jacks, 40 squats, 20 inchworm pushups, and a plank and side plank (30 seconds each). On successive rounds, switch sides on the side plank and do 10 fewer jumping jacks and squats and 5 fewer inchworms. So round 4, you will do 10 jacks, 10 squats, and 5 inchworms.


  1. Jump Rope – On the balls of your feet, jump 2 inches up as you rotate your arms. No rope? Pretend. 2 minutes.
  2. Heavy bag – Mix jabs, hooks, and uppercuts. Switch sides every 30 seconds. No heavy bag? Shadowbox. 2 minutes.
  3. Jumping Jacks – Focus on clean movements. Kick your legs out quickly, clap overhead, and repeat. 40 reps.
  4. Squat –Brace your core, push your hips back, and bend your knees. Pause; push yourself backup. 40 reps.
  5. Inchworm Pushup – From Standing, bend and “walk” your hands out until you can do a push up. Then “walk” back. 20 reps.
  6. Plank/Side Plank – Hold a plank for 30 seconds and a side plank for 30 seconds. Rest for 60 seconds. Start the next round.1407971905322_wps_1_http_www_details_com_cele

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