5 Ways to Get Your Cardio When It’s Cold

5 Ways to Get Your Cardio When It’s Cold


There are many options for blasting body fat when the weather outside is frightful. Here are five.


  1. Don’t Change a Thing – If running is your typical choice of cardio, go ahead and lace up ad hit the pavement. Just because the weather gets a little cooler does not mean you have to forgo your favorite outdoor cardio options.
  2. Expand Your Options – If the weather outside is unreasonably cold – think blizzard – then it is probably best to improvise with a solid home workout. Try a set of dumbbells or kettelbells.
  3. Turn Back The Clock – A little creatively can go far in the absence of home equipment. High reps, low rest work with some old school bodyweight moves can be effective for your ticker and your waistline.
  4. Hybridize – Resistance training for cardio paired with high-intensity bodyweight work can provide a fast and effective home workout.
  5. Join a Class – Getting out and about when it is so cold outside that your face hurts is not very appealing, but if you can muster the walk to the car, some group activity is an excellent winter option.

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