Upgrade Your Treadmill Time

Upgrade Your Treadmill Time

It’s the piece of equipment we all love to hate. But exercising on a treadmill does not need to be a dull slog. You can increase that lower body burn and have a lot more fun if you learn to move on all planes of motion – going sideways and backwards and twisting. Try these tweaks.

  • Be Prepared – Before you start, write out a few intervals and include a progression in speed and\or incline. Lacking a plan is a recipe for boredom, causing you to cut your workout short.
  • Warm Up Right – Don’t just get on and go! Start with quick feet (tiny, rapid steps on the balls of your feet), skipping and side shuffles (hold on to the rail for support during shuffles0. Cycle through the series for one to two minutes, doing each drill for about 20 seconds.
  • Show Your Strength – Try slowing the belt speed way down and performing bear crawls (hands and feet on the treadmill), walking lunges and a squat to alternating lunge series.



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