Hit Like A Girl

Hit Like A Girl

Think boxing is just for boys? Think again. This full-body workout helps tone. The impact of hitting the bag strengthens muscles the same way lifting weights does, while maintaining proper form challenges the core and legs. Not to mention it makes you feel like a badass! Check out these tips before stepping into the ring.

  • Find the right teacher – Real boxing training requires a real coach. Seek out a current or retired fighter and train three times a week. As boxing has gotten more popular, trainers with no real experience have begun incorporating it. But if it is done incorrectly, it can cause hand, wrist and shoulder injuries.
  • Remember: Speed is king – A fast pace is one of the most important aspects to work on. If you cannot find your target or are not quick enough to evade your opponent, your power is useless. To boost your speed, shadow box with dumbbells. Once you ditch the weights, your punches will come more quickly.
  • Don’t ignore your core – Power and speed originate in your core. So include moves that target those muscles.



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