6 No-Regret Snacks

6 No-Regret Snacks

A midday pick-me-up can be crucial because it helps with satiety. But it has to be the right snack – with protein or fiber and fewer than 200 calories. Try one of these naturally nutritious ideas.

  1. Kumquats – This citrus is eaten whole. The thin sweet rind supplies a healthy does of roughage.
  2. Kind Healthy Grains Caramel Macchiato Bar – Like all Kind Bars, the new one is low in sugar.
  3. Blue Hill Yogurt – Made with real veggies (like beets and tomatoes). It is surprisingly luscious.
  4. Pop Art’s Nori Sesame Popcorn – Toasted seaweed gives the classic treat a briny twist.
  5. Epic’s Bison Bacon Bites – Poppable pieces of upscale jerky that are packed with energizing protein.
  6. Brussel Bytes – Look out, kale chips! These dehydrated sprouts come in three yummy flavors.

king bars 800 Kumquats_02


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