Double Down

Double Down

Shred fat and blast your shoulders and calves with this cardio move. The double under is simply a rep of jumping rope in which the rope passes under the feet twice on one jump.

The Workout:

Five descending sets of double unders and situps using reps of 50, 40, 30, 20, and 10. But you don’t need to train CrossFit to reap the benefits of double unders. I like to throw double unders into tons of different workouts. Try a set of 20 to 25 in between any isolation movements in your workout – which normally don’t jack up your heart rate.

One example is below, though it can work for anything similar.

  • Perform four times through without resting in between exercises.
    • Lat Pulldown – 15 reps
    • Double Under – 25 reps
    • Seated Cable Row – 15 reps

photo 4 copy 2


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